Enjoy a Hawaiian Scuba Diving Trip on Your Next Adventure

For most scuba divers, the Hawaiian islands are wonderful destinations with countless diving sites that are suitable for divers of all levels of experience. Compared to other destinations, Hawaii has amazing scuba diving spots even just on the beaches of each of island. This suits those on a limited budget, eliminating the need to pay for charter boats to take them to diving sites. However, the vast majority of people who visit do so for the mainly for scuba diving in Hawaii and typically choose to rent a dive boat as traveling to deeper waters can be hugely rewarding and worth the effort and expense, as they are treated to a breathtaking selection of sights and a plethora of exotic and vibrant marine life.
Scuba diving companies operating on most of the Hawaiian islands provide services like dive instruction, guided dives, boat charter services, and training. Most scuba diving companies also offer Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certifications. As the leading scuba diving training association worldwide, PADI has courses for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals aspiring to be dive masters or scuba instructors. Even those who have never gone diving before can quickly learn scuba diving techniques under the instruction of a certified PADI instructor.
If you are considering scuba diving Oahu, you should look for a reliable diving tour company on the island to organize your trip. Oahu offers one of the most diverse scuba diving experiences in all of Hawaii. It boasts of an eclectic mix of diving sites, from reefs to wrecks, to wall dives, and lava tubes and you don't want to miss out on any of these.
Kaimana Divers offer some of the best scuba diving services in Oahu. They are equipped with tank boat that allows them to transport their visitors to popular dive sites safely and quickly. Charters for both beginners and advanced divers are available. New divers are usually taken to shallow diving sites in Waikiki, giving them the perfect opportunity to get comfortable exploring the water. These sites also give a renewed sense of confidence to returning divers. Shallow dive sites range from 35 to 60 feet deep, enough depth to reveal and marvel at gorgeous reefs and wonderful sea creatures such as octopuses, eels, green sea turtles, and with some luck, even a rare sighting of a Hawaiian monk seal. On the other hand, offshore diving sites in Waikiki, Diamond Head, and Koko Crater are typical destinations for the more experienced and advanced divers.


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